About GRIT

GRIT Performance delivers an elite training program and ongoing year-long support for young athletes. GRIT teaches its members the physical and mental skills they need to become the best athlete they can be and more importantly help them become resilient contributing members of their community.  We take a holistic approach to Athletic Development focusing on function, preparation, recovery, nutrition, and, of course, performance.

Developed by Chris Bruton and Dan Tatton, GRIT focuses on building great athletes first, providing sport-specific training programs centered around the qualities that make athletes perform to their highest potential. 

What makes GRIT unique is they understand that young athletes need year-round support/mentorship to reach their potential. GRIT not only delivers fun and engaging performance camps where participants learn training fundamentals, but also a year-round online training and mentorship platform to ensure young athletes have a plan, accountability, mentorship, and a community of ongoing support.  

GRIT understands the importance of instilling life skills through sport, teamwork, and a deeper connection to ones’ self. It is a multi-dimensional program that enables our athletes to stay connected to our trainers and have ongoing support and content 365 days a year. It is not just about becoming better athletes but becoming better people.  

Can’t make it to a camp?   Don’t worry, you can sign up for the GRIT online platform and get a free 1 on 1 call to onboard you from one of our trainers.

Better yet, mom or dad, you get a free membership to the platform along with your athlete so you can follow along and even participate if you want to.

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Are you a coach or a parent that wants to bring a live GRIT day camp to your community?